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Amanda Holst


she, her, hers


Executive Director,

ART Therapist

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“I genuinely believe that it is my calling to assist youth in navigating their mental health struggles and reaching their potential to shine.”

About Amanda

Amanda is a warm-hearted and enthusiastic art therapist and substance abuse counselor at restART studio. Guided by client-centered and trauma-informed principles, Amanda recognizes that presenting behavioral challenges are often a result of experienced trauma and mental health struggles. She believes in collaborating with youth to find methods of self-expression that work best for them. 

Amanda is passionate about sharing the impact of art therapy having experienced the healing power of the practice firsthand. She believes that art can be a way to speak the unspeakable. Amanda’s goal as a therapist is to work alongside her clients as they become aware of their inner experiences, learn to express themselves, heal traumas, and recognize their individual strengths. She strives to help youth move through the shadow, embrace their authentic self, and learn to let their inner light shine.

Amanda’s clinical experience primarily includes mental health and substance abuse counseling for at-risk adolescents and children with severe trauma. Amanda was motivated to serve the marginalized and justice-involved youth as she feels like art therapy is particularly well-suited to the challenges of reaching this population.


Amanda graduated from Naropa University with a Master of Arts Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling: Transpersonal Art Therapy. She also holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Alcohol and Drug Studies and a Bachelor of Science Degree in K-12 Art Education, both from Minnesota State University Mankato. Amanda is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and Licensed Addiction Counselor (LAC) in Colorado, a Registered Art Therapist (ATR), and a Licensed Substance Abuse Counselor (LADC) in Minnesota. Amanda previously founded a private practice - Soul Expressions Art Therapy and Counseling.

Board of directors



CO-Founder &


Krista is an engineer and serial entrepreneur with a deep passion for leveraging technology to build genuine value. During her career, she has had the privilege of leading technology startups and developing software and hardware solutions that not only deliver value but also delight the users they aim to serve.


In 2021, Amanda and Krista decided to create restART studio for deeply personal reasons. As a young adult, Krista had a family member that served 4 years in a Georgia state prison. During this time, she traveled regularly to visit, sent care packages, and provided money for their canteen account. For holidays, Krista and her husband would stay in the small, rural town close to the facility so that they could celebrate together in a sparsely furnished visitor room. 


As hard as this experience was, it was significantly more support than most inmates received, a group disproportionately poor and people of color. It was starkly apparent that for most of the inmates, the odds had been stacked against them from the day they were born. Krista was profoundly affected by seeing this reality firsthand. Since that time, she has sought ways to support this vulnerable population, and she always knew that someday she wanted to find a way to do more. 


When Krista met Amanda, it was clear that art therapy offered a window to do just that. Specifically to help youth have the confidence and psychological strength they need to start a new path—a program that could succeed where talk therapy often fails. 


Amanda and Krista realized that together they could build a program to help underserved and underprivileged youth avoid a road that leads to prison—they could help them have the skills they need to flourish. The result was restART studio, a program designed to leverage the power of art therapy to help justice-involved youth have the strength and skills they need to seek a new path.

she, her, hers

Tom Fischaber Headshot.jpeg

Tom is a serial entrepreneur and engineer that brings over 20 years of experience delivering award-winning products to market. Tom currently serves as VP of Technical Operations at Saga Education, a leading educational and technology non-profit. Tom and his co-founders have successfully started and sold two companies in the education sector, Woot Math (to Saga) and Kerpoof (acquired by Disney). Tom received an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Colorado, and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines. Tom has been issued eighteen U.S. patents and serves on the Board of Directors for restART studio and the Advisory Board for the CSM EE and CS Department.

Tom Fischaber

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Board Secretary

& Treasurer

Cindy Gordon Headshot.jpg

Cindy is a licensed professional counselor and a board-certified art therapist in private practice in Longmont, CO.. She works with adults facing a variety of challenges including trauma, grief, climate grief, body image, anxiety, and life transitions. She also has a special interest working with people with cancer and conducts art therapy workshops at the Rocky Mountain Cancer Center. In addition, Cindy has a certification in Animal-Assisted Psychotherapy, and works with animals in therapy which, she believes, fosters the healing and growing process.

Cindy Gordon


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Board Member

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Alexis has built a twenty-five year career working in the public sector - for government and non-profit organizations in the fields of education, healthcare, the environment, and public policy advocacy. She has focused her career on program planning and evaluation, grant proposal development and writing, fundraising, strategic planning, and Board development. Alexis has raised more than $70 million for a variety of programs and projects, and prefers working with organizations that center equity in their work. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and a Master of Public Administration degree, both from the University of Oklahoma, and currently serves as the Senior Director of Grants and Advancement at Saga Education.

Alexis Carter-Black

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Lisa Bevens Headshot.jpg

Lisa is a native Minnesotan who started a second career after being in the financial industry for about 30 years.  As an eight-year entrepreneur, she now works alongside seniors and their families as they navigate the overwhelming process of downsizing and moving.  Her empathetic nature helps her to be more than an average resource for her clients.  Lisa has had an interest in the benefits of Art Therapy ever since she realized that her young children were able to work through their feelings on paper even when they couldn’t verbally communicate what they were feeling.  Her role as advisor on restART studio’s Board helps her feel connected to the work that made such a difference in her family’s life.

Lisa Bevens

she, her, hers

BOARD Advisor

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