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Our art therapy programs are designed to help individuals express themselves through creativity and find healing through the art making process.

We offer two unique programs that cater to different needs and life events.

Justice-Involved Youth

Justice-Involved Youth

1:1 art therapy for youth involved in the criminal justice-system:

In 2021, restART studio partnered with the City of Longmont’s Rebuilding Expectations and Walking in New Directions (REWiND) program to provide professional art therapy services to youth involved in the criminal justice system. We help the REWiND program divert youth away from the conventional court system by providing early intervention and therapeutic support through 1:1 and small group art therapy. Engaging in art therapy at restART studio provides a restorative practice that is in stark contrast to the focus on punishment that youth typically experience in the justice system.


The goal of our program is to give justice-involved youth the opportunity to use art to reflect, address mental health concerns and trauma, learn from their mistakes, build healthy social and emotional skills, and gain support to help avoid returning to the same behaviors and social groups that attributed to their justice involvement.


Our program aims to reduce juvenile delinquency, recidivism, and other high-risk behaviors, ultimately helping to improve our clients, their families, the criminal justice system, and the community as a whole.

Prevention-Based Program

Art therapy has proven effective at reaching youth who are dealing with trauma, mental and behavioral issues, and substance abuse. And yet, underserved youth often don’t have access to its benefits. At resART studio we are changing that one teen at a time.

Our prevention-based program gives underserved youth the opportunity to engage in art therapy with a trained professional art therapist and counselor. This program offers 1:1 and small group art therapy to all youth in the community that could benefit from the support — not just those involved in the criminal justice-system. The goal of this program is to help underserved and underprivileged youth avoid a road that leads to criminal involvement — to help youth have the strength and skills they need to flourish and seek a healthy path.

1:1 art therapy for at-risk youth: 

Art Therapy has been a particularly beneficial intervention for youth who struggle with traditional talk therapy as it provides a less threatening way to process difficult feelings and traumas. 

In 1:1 art therapy, youth will work through any mental health concerns, express their thoughts and feelings in healthy ways, gain self-awareness, and build healthy coping skills to help them thrive.


We offer 1:1 art therapy on a sliding scale, with limited scholarship opportunities available for those that need financial assistance to participate.

Creative Support group

Thursdays in July & August  from 5:30 - 6:30 P.M.

Creative Support is an activity and art-based peer support group for youth ages 14-17 who may be struggling with substance use, looking for an accepting community, or those who simply don't have a consistent, safe place to de-stress. 

The group creates a non-judgemental space for youth to engage in fun, drug-free, creative projects and groups activities, such as hiking, art, mindfulness practices, and outdoor adventures; youth can hang with like-minded teens, be their authentic selves, and have their peers and a therapist there to support them.

This group is free and provided on a drop-in basis to all youth aged 14 - 17 in the community. 

*No group July 4th! 

For more information, contact Amanda: 720-580-2283,

Prevention-Based Program
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