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While Colorado spendS


on incarcerating
one person for one year
it costs restART studio


with our art therapy program

DOnate today


Your contribution is an investment in youth and your community.

Help improve the criminal justice system and reduce the recidivism cycle by giving justice-involved youth the opportunity to learn from their mistakes and facilitate positive change within themselves.

We are asking for your support to help us raise funds for sustainability of our youth art therapy program. With your support, we will be able to continue to help justice-involved youth understand their feelings and behavior and realize their potential.

restART studio is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your donation is tax-deductible in the United States.

Provide restART studio with services and
art materials to a justice-involved youth in need.

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Provide art supplies for one youth

$5/month or $50/year

Cover office expenses for one youth

$15/month or $160/year

Invest in supporting
one youth for one month

$50/month or $600/year

Provide art supplies for restART studio

$60/month or $720/year

Support one youth art therapy session per month

$100/month or $1200/year

Support one youth through entirety of their art therapy program

$130/month or $1,575/year

Cover therapist expenses for
one youth

$475/month or $5,700/year

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restART studio is committed to accountability and stewardship to our donors and our mission to support justice-involved youth.

Your gift to restART studio will help advance our mission as we provide

justice-involved youth with art therapy as a restorative and alternative approach

to youth involvement with the criminal justice system.


Your support is especially important for program sustainability and providing

opportunities for growth.

To speak to us directly about your gift, please contact

To donate by phone, please call 720-580-2283

Tax ID: 84-5188574

Other ways to SUPPOrT

Our Amazon Wish List

Have you ever looked at art supplies and felt something warm and fuzzy inside? Having quality art supplies can make all the difference in the world; from how we see our art, to how we interact with it, and how it can make us feel. Quality and variety of materials is the difference in a client feeling comfortable and wanting to come back and continue therapy! Shop our Amazon Wish List to help supply underserved youth with art materials that they may not otherwise have access to.


King Soopers Community Rewards

You can support restART studio anytime you shop at King Soopers or City Market with the Community Rewards Program! Simply log in to your account, search for Foundation For Scalable Innovations, and then click enroll. 5% of your total purchasing price will be donated to restART studio. Be sure to use your loyalty card at checkout! Click Here to enroll!

Research Assistance

We are working on developing and implementing formal measures that evaluate the effectiveness of our art therapy program. We are currently seeking a partnership with a researcher to help define and execute such a study. We would like to publish our research results to inform a broader audience of the benefits of utilizing art therapy as a restorative approach with justice-involved youth. Contact us today to assist with our research!

Partnership Opportunities

We are also looking for opportunities to expand our program to other areas as a way to broaden our impact state-wide.

If you are interested in finding ways that art therapy can be implemented in your community, please talk to us!

Spread Awareness

In order to reach our goal of continuing our art therapy program past the pilot year, we need your help through donations and spreading awareness about the work that we are doing.

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Other Ways to Support
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