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What is art therapy

Art Therapy is psychotherapy mediated through the art process. It involves the use of creative techniques such as drawing, painting, collage, or sculpting to help individuals express themselves and examine what they may be feeling.

Art therapy has proven effective at reaching individuals who have experienced trauma and can help one process a variety of concerns including anxiety, depression, trauma, shame, and grief (4). No art experience needed!

Art Therapy provides a destigmatized way for youth to process their trauma, understand how to channel their feelings in productive ways, and begin healing (5).

WhY art therapy

The youth we serve have often been mistreated by authority types and may not be trusting of others. Correspondingly, they may be hesitant to open up and engage in therapy. Art therapy can help break through any hesitancy as it provides a less threatening way for youth to process their difficult feelings and experiences (4)

The art process has a unique way of directly connecting with trauma and emotion stored in the brain, which simply cannot be accessed through talk therapy alone(5). Words aren't always readily available to describe feelings and experiences. Art allows one to speak the unspeakable without the need for words(4).


Through art therapy, youth are given the opportunity to release feelings into outer art forms for further exploration. This can be especially helpful to ease feelings of vulnerability as the youth are able to reflect on difficult emotions through metaphoric expression rather than on their feelings directly (4). Not only does art therapy help youth to identify their emotions and further define their experience, but they also gain the ability to externalize their feelings.

restART studio provides an opportunity for youth to use artistic expression to grow from their struggles, gain better control of their thoughts and feelings, and open room for new understanding and


When words aren't enough photo_edited.jpg
"Art therapy was helpful because I was able to express what I'm feeling in a different way that words couldn’t express."

-former client
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