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Earth Day Manifestation Ritual

Happy Earth Day all!

This Earth Day we’d love to share a practice for you to try that involves working with plants to help co-create your goals and dreams.

Earth Day is a great time to plant all the new hopes, dreams, goals, and intentions you want to bring to life in the coming weeks and months. This ritual is all about planting our intentions in the Earth so we can care to them and watch them grow.

What you will need: piece of paper, plant or seeds, pot or garden/yard to plant into

1. Ground & center yourself. Take several deep breaths, connect with your body, and focus on the here and now.

2. Spend some time reflecting on what it is you’d like to call in to your life. You could even do some writing around this before crafting your intention. Ask yourself: What do you want to bring to life in the coming months? What do you wish there was more of? What do you want to grow? What would make your life feel better?

- Be as clear and specific with your intention. If you’re looking for suggestions, think of different areas of your life that you’d like to welcome growth into, maybe how you show up in daily life, your relationships, creative endeavors, or school/career.

3. Write the intention you want to set on the piece of paper. Spend a moment focusing on your intention and if you feel called, say it out loud.

- Call on the power of the universe. Picture yourself after the intention has manifested, and really feel what it will be like. By writing down your intentions, you are calling attention to them, and allowing them to exist in new ways.

This is a courageous act, and this is how magic is done.

4. Then roll up the piece of paper and place it in the bottom of your pot. Or, if your planting your intentions in your garden, dig a hole and place the papers in the hole. Cover the paper with dirt and sprinkle in your seeds or plant your plant above the paper.

- If you choose, you could also safety burn the paper and bury the ashes. The flame from the burning ignites your intention and passion as the smoke sends it into the universe to manifest. It’s very very important make sure the embers are completely out before burying (especially here in Colorado where it’s very dry and fire risk is high).

5. As you cover your intentions with dirt, say thank you to the Universe. Gratitude has been seen as the most important part of a spiritual practice, so while setting intentions and working with plants, it’s a great practice to say thank you.

- Use these words, or whatever feels right to you: “Thank you, Universe, for hearing my prayers & for aligning to deliver each of these things to me. I am open to receive your blessings”.

6. Care for your new seeds/plant daily, and water as necessary. Envision your intentions growing as you watch your plant grow.

Like plants, our intentions come to realization little by little and with much care. As you nurture your plant, think about how you are also tending to your intention and goals, and helping to bring in growth.

We’re excited to hear what everyone is focusing on calling in. If you try this ritual, tell us what you think!

Written by Amanda Holst, restART Studio Executive Director

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